our roots

We are Silo Wholefoods! The hub of organic products, local brands and healthy alternatives. We're the newer (healthy) kids on the block. 

Back in April 2016, we opened our doors to the little town of Yandina, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Since then, we have provided our locals and visitors with only the best quality of foods and health products. 

At Silo Wholefoods, our aim is to create a place that incorporates small local businesses, as well as companies who are not only conscious about health, but are conscious about our earth. Here you'll find everything from body-boosting superfoods, fresh produce and bulk items, to supplements, beauty products, cleaning products and everything you need for your little ones. 

So come on in, check out our giant range of goodness, enjoy the great tunes we have playing all day long and hey, maybe stop by at Cafe Silo (our neighbours), for some delicious food and a sneaky coffee while you're here.